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exported footage has no decent alpha channel

Posted: Sun, 20th Feb 2011, 7:03pm

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Hi there,

I am just evaluating Compositelab Pro. I am using it applying Chromakeys and Spill suppression. Then having this done I want to use it in Adobe Premiere Elements.
Rendering options are set to retain Alpha channel. Background is even set to Green.
I render to Mov containing JPEG(also tried other codecs). After having added the keyed Footage from Compositelabpro into Adobe Premiere Elements, the keyed footage paints over the background footage(from the background track) with black where I would expect transparency. Expected is some person without the black just the person and anything else transparent.

I am using the Demo, could that be some restriction in there?
Goal is to do the keying in Compositelab pro, transfering the keyed footage and then cutting itself in Premiere elements.
Am I wrong somethere?
Posted: Sun, 20th Feb 2011, 7:12pm

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Alpha Rendering is disabled in the Demo version of CompositeLab, due to the watermark system on the rendered footage. The full version is fully capable of alpha rendering, however, JPEG cannot store alpha channels, so even with the full version, you can't render to a jpeg format and retain alpha transparency. Your best option for alpha rendering is the Quicktime Animation codec.