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Shadows and Reflections

Posted: Wed, 2nd Mar 2011, 7:31am

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In a couple of the CompositLab product demos, the newscater on a platform and at a desk, reflections and shadows of the actor and script are clearly evident on the desk and floor of the composited video. Can anyone explain how to get that effect or point me at the information? I have serached around but did not find anything on this subject.

Posted: Wed, 2nd Mar 2011, 8:18am

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You create a duplicate of the layer being reflected, and distort it according to how the reflection needs to be cast. Then, you may want to add a bit of transparency, and maybe a bit of blur, to make it more reflection-ish.

For shadows, the process is basically the same, except after duplicating the layer of the greenscreened actor, you use grading filters to make it entirely black, or some dark shade of color, then use blur to soften the edges. then, distort and position it according to how the shadow should fall.