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FXHOme Vision Lab studio interface messed up.

Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2011, 9:17pm

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Hello I am fairly new to FXHome Vision Lab Studio and have loved the program! I downloaded the demos for my P.C. and my mac. My mac is the computer I really want to use this program on but it is messed up. Let me explain. When I open it the program opens and runs fine but the entire right side of the screen is cut off. So I loose about 2 in on the left side. This is a problem because I then can't scroll down when choosing effects so it limits me. I have tried some of the preferences like running it not in full screen mode or changing the screen size but nothing works. Please Help!

- Thanks
Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2011, 10:00pm

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What resolution is your monitor? Do you have more than one monitor connected to your Mac?