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right dimension settings from FCE to visionlab and back?

Posted: Fri, 11th Mar 2011, 10:04pm

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so i was told earlier to use the "animation" format to avoid quality loss when exporting from final cut express to visionlab. but what dimensions should i use???

Here's how it works. For my film we had 2 non hd cameras and 1 hd camera (mine) for all our scenes so its mixed. I asked a friend and he said my best option would be to use the animation format like i was told here, but export "ALL" my scenes from FCE (reguardless of resolution) to visionlab in the 640x480 setting for faster editing. Then when I'm done, export them back into FCE for the final edit, and when thats done, export the whole thing in 1290x720hd and it would be good.

Does that sound about right?? Or do i have to export the 480 scenes in 480 animation to vision and back and the 720 scenes in 720 animation to vision all seperately??

Sorry, this is very confusing for me at this point. Reason I ask is because my first hd scenes i exported both ways in 720hd but without animation (just regular) and when i put it back in FCE, it looked too pixelated. Whats the best way to go about the settings with the transers in a nutshell?
Posted: Fri, 11th Mar 2011, 10:49pm

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You should use the resolution you are working at in FCE. If you are working in standard resolution, and down-ressing the HD footage to fit, then stick with standard resolution when you export.

If you are up-ressing the SD footage into a 720p project in FCE, then I would export at 1280x720.

640x480 and 1280x720 use totally different aspect ratios, as well, so 640x480 doesn't seem like it would be an ideal resolution to use. Its basically going to depend on how you are handling the combining of two resolutions in FCE, as to what the best export option would be. You certainly don't want to export HD footage into SD, work on it in Vlab,, Re-import that SD footage into FCE, and then up-scale it back to HD, as all your quality will be lost. So, I would most likely use the resolution of my Final Cut project for everything, otherwise, work on each clip in its native resolution.