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Help: Main Canvas Freezes in Photo Key Pro 4

Posted: Mon, 28th Mar 2011, 9:02pm

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I've been trying to trouble shoot this for the past week and thought that other Pro 4 users might have experienced the same problem. The problem that I'm having is that when I import Foreground pictures into the program and double click them, they do not appear in the "Main Canvas" window. It seems as if the main canvas window is frozen. So far I've tried the following, but nothing has worked yet. If anyone has experienced anything similar, then please chime in. Thanks!

-Installed Pro4 on 2 different computers
-Used the Canon T2i Camera and a Canon T1i Camera
-Initially used the Canon EOS software, then upgraded to the newer version
-Used the Canon EOS software to trigger the camera, then used the Breeze Systems, DSLR Remote to trigger the camera
-Saved photos to a folder on the desktop, then tried saving them to a folder in "My Photos"
-Tried to not install any of the Canon software except for the EOS software that allows me to remote trigger the camera via tether
-Tried using different background images
-Tried importing high resolution images and low resolution images
-Tried using these settings for the Canon EOS Software: