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Malone & Schwar Cams - off?

Posted: Fri, 13th Sep 2002, 11:58pm

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Has anyone else noticed that the Malone/Schwar cams never change crazy ? Just thought I'd mention that.

[EDIT] - please be a little more descriptive on your subject - Craig biggrin
Posted: Sat, 14th Sep 2002, 6:22am

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It's because they are turned off, have no idea why though smile
Posted: Sat, 14th Sep 2002, 9:01am

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Hmmmm - what ARE they getting up to together?...

Posted: Mon, 23rd Sep 2002, 6:52pm

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heh, schwars cam is never on, and i thought no one would notice my cam being off. Never a huge amount to see on mine but ill probably set it up again soon, just trying to find some nice software smile