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PhotoKey 4 Pro & 2 Computers

Posted: Sun, 10th Apr 2011, 1:06pm

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Hi guys

I'm in the market for osme chromakey software for our T-shirt printing business. PhotoKey 4 seems to figure at the top.

My main concern. When at home I use my desktop PC to create artwork but when at shows, I use a laptop. Can I use PhotoKey on both, not at the same time obviously smile

Posted: Sun, 10th Apr 2011, 6:07pm

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PhotoKey 4 Pro can be used on up to three computers simultaneously. It has a three-seat license, so you can install it on three computers and have three different people using those three computers all at the same time, if you want, and its fine.

The standard version of PhotoKey 4 only offers a single seat license, and cannot therefore be installed on more than one computer at any given time.