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Help with Camera Choice

Posted: Mon, 11th Apr 2011, 5:54pm

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Guy's, I currently have a Finepix s7000, and I am not getting the quality of photos that I want. I really need something that is capable of very good Macro photography, as I take close up pictures of products for Ebay. I have read where most people like the Canon 50D, but it is quite expensive. Any suggestions would be great.
Posted: Mon, 11th Apr 2011, 9:12pm

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Chances are very good that the problem you are having currently isn't due to the camera. Many people make the mistake of thinking that great pictures are due to the camera used, rather than the photographer. If you can post up some examples of pictures you've taken, along with what you would like to see improved about them, then we can likely provide some suggestions that will help you get better results without requiring that you buy a new camera.

Pretty much any camera that's come out within the last few years is capable of phenomenal picture quality. so before buying new gear to try improve your results, I'd first take a look at improving your technique.

OF course, there are some instances where high quality, super-expensive gear makes all the difference, but product shots for ebay doesn't generally fall into that category. So if we can get an idea of where you are and what you would like to see improve, we can offer more useful suggestions, whether related to gear or technique.
Posted: Mon, 11th Apr 2011, 9:40pm

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here are a few pictures that I have recently used. I guess the problem isn't that the pictures turn out bad, but the time it takes me to get the clear shot. Especially in close up shots. I have to take three or 4 shots of each because the come out blurry. I use a tripod and the timer.
Thanks for the help. Picture taking has really become time consuming and I am trying to simplify that.
Posted: Mon, 11th Apr 2011, 11:34pm

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This might sound like a dumb question, but thave you focused the camera correctly? I don't know what settings you are using, but chances are there is an option for manual focus on your camera, which may very well yield better results. It's difficult to tell exactly what the problem is because the images are rather small.

Just a suggestion! wink
Posted: Tue, 12th Apr 2011, 12:46am

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If they're going to be sized like that, I think those look perfectly fine, and you've nothing to worry about.

vvv It will likely help.

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Posted: Tue, 12th Apr 2011, 3:21am

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Yea the small size is so that the page will load quicker. I am using the auto focus I will try manual and see if that helps and report back. thanks to all the help.