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Posted: Sun, 17th Apr 2011, 1:38am

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When I ordered this software, I did so because it advertised 3,500 backgrounds. I received it today and when I tried to use a background, it has copyright printing at the top and bottom of the background. So my question is, do I have to purchase backgrounds after I just purchased this software that states I have 3,500 backgrounds available?
Posted: Sun, 17th Apr 2011, 4:00am

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Where did you purchase it? Where did it say "3,500" backgrounds available cause I don't see it anywhere on this site...
Posted: Sun, 17th Apr 2011, 4:03am

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I haven't seen that claim, but if it says 3,500 backgrounds "available," that means they're available for purchase. If it says 3,500 backgrounds "included," then it should be included in the original purchase. My guess is they're "available" for purchase, but you can also go to google and look up myriad vistas, foreign cities, famous bodies of water, etc., and select "images" to get some pretty nice royalty-free photos that work quite nicely as backgrounds. Some of them are not perfect, but all of them are FREE!
Posted: Sun, 17th Apr 2011, 4:04am

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@Fxhomer32915 Fxhome only sells 750 different backgrounds so I have no idea where the "3,500" came from...
Posted: Sun, 17th Apr 2011, 4:47am

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Indeed, if you can give us a link or explain where exactly the statement you are referencing can be found, then we can provide a better answer.

FXhome does offer their PhotoKey software as a software-only package, which is the most affordable option, as well as a bundle which includes both the software and a selection of backgrounds. Which one you purchased will obviously affect whether any backgrounds are included. Additionally, none of the backgrounds are available for download, so if you did purchase a bundle that included backdrops, they will have to be delivered to your physical address. The software can be immediately downloaded, but the backgrounds can't, due to file sizes.

Also, Google images provides links to images found on the web. Just because you find an image through a Google search DOES NOT mean that it is royalty free, or that you can use it without first obtaining permission from the copyright holder. Using the advanced search options on the Google images page, it is possible to narrow your search to images with a specific license that allows certain types of free use, but be aware that just performing a search on Google images and using the images you find could very likely be a violation of copyright law.