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Why is black automaticly removed from imported Media?

Posted: Tue, 26th Apr 2011, 11:18pm

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Hello there.
Trying to help a friend of mine out and were having a huge problem. Simple scene where a guy gets shot and falls down. Have a simple red blood dot photo that we import. The black background is automaticly removed but intern it makes the red blood dot so transparent as well that it no longer looks like blood.

Can I change it from automaticly being black to green? Perhaps in doing this it will not make the red so transparent? I'm okay with some transparancy but not so much that the red blood dot looks too washed out. Thanks for any help!
Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2011, 11:51am

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You can try changing the blend method.

If you click on the blood track in the track listing section. you can see the tracks blend method. That should be at the about the top right. There are two options, screen or add.

Also you can right mouse click on the blood track and click copy, then paste it right on top of the other blood track.
Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2011, 2:21pm

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Since EffectsLab isn't really designed for compositing, you are bound to run into limitations of this sort when you try to use it for compositing.

In point of fact, this knowledgebase article deals specifically with the issue you are having, and offers some suggestions for working around the problem. While it isn't something EffectsLab was designed to do, it is still possible in some cases, using the techniques explained there.