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plugin request for more dinosaurs or different views

Posted: Sun, 15th Sep 2002, 11:54pm

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i like the t-rex plugin, and raptor plugin, and i was wondering if anyone could make some more dinosaur plugins? or some different animation views of the t-rex and raptor? i think they would look really cool in some of my movies. could any one do this? i think b4uask30male is really busy with making plugins right now, so will anyone make these?
Posted: Mon, 16th Sep 2002, 1:05am

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well for plugins he's the man other wise i think KERMz can help ya out
Posted: Mon, 16th Sep 2002, 7:16am

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I've added it my list, but if anyone else wants to have a go.

i want to do a brachisaurs ( you know the huge one )

any othe types wanted.
Posted: Sat, 8th Feb 2003, 12:37pm

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I was wondering if you could make a rapter jumping up in the air and coming back down. Cause you know that they can jump very high. It would look good in a movie I'm making