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Auto Export startup

Posted: Sat, 21st May 2011, 5:35pm

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I have a situation where I'd like Photo Key 4 Pro to automatically start Auto Exporting when a project is opened. We are taking a lot of photos and dumping them into a shared network folder on one of our servers. That folder is setup as the "hot folder" in Photo Key, which is running on the server. It does green screen processing on the photos and then "Auto Exports" them to another folder on the server where we can grab them as needed.

The problem is that if the server reboots for some reason then Photo Key stops doing it's job. To get it going we have to start Photo Key by opening the project, then click the "Auto Export" button, and select the destination folder again.

Because of our situation we don't have ready access to the server so we can't just easily restart Photo Key and click the "Auto Export" button. Is there a way to open a project and have it automatically start Auto Exporting, and without having to ask for the export folder?