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Images getting cut off in Photokey 4

Posted: Mon, 23rd May 2011, 10:54am

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Hi, we're using a Nikon D300 + WT4 to send images wirelessly to a PC (via FTP).We use a hotfolder setup in Photokey to process these images as they come in and auto export them. 1 out of 5 of these images get cut off, so a portion of the right hand side of the image will just be grey. When checking the original images in the hotfolder they are fine. It looks like Photokey is occasionally processing an image before it's been fully written to the hard drive. Has anyone else seen this behaviour and resolved it?
Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2011, 4:37pm

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Hi, I am facing the same problem.
Canon 1Ds Mark III, WFT-E2 Wifi Transmitter in Ad hoc mode to Apple Macbook Air with Photokey 4 Pro. The Ftp Server pushes the incoming photos to the hot folder. Photokey 4 Pro immediatly picks the photo (jpg) and processes it, even when it is not completly transferred. This leads to gray parts in the processed output of Photokey.
If I shoot many photos in a short time, most of the processed photos are complete.

I guess it would help if Photokey checks the proper completion of the file writing process before it gets the file into write access.
Posted: Wed, 7th Sep 2011, 6:52pm

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had the same with Nikon d700 and d3s , plus sometimes with D7000 using eye fi cards. reduced the image size to the absolute minimum we could get away with and it helped. I think sometimes the wifi gets interupted and photokey thinks the file is complete and processes it. Then the wifi handshales again and completes the transfer. So it looks like the file came over ok.