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PRISM, by Corridor Digital - the HitFilm launch film

Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2011, 9:52am

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HitFilm is the biggest and most powerful product we've ever produced, which means it needed a very special promo to show off its capabilities.

We turned to action VFX masters Corridor Digital to put together a short film showing off exactly what HitFilm can do. PRISM is the result:

FXhome and Corridor Digital have a long history, going back 10 years to when Corridor Digital co-founders Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer arrived at as 13 year old filmmakers. We're proud to still be working closely with them now that they're forging careers in LA and thrilled that they're part of HitFilm's launch.

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Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2011, 4:58pm

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Tim L

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Very, very cool. Really polished, well done.

You guys at fxhome must feel like proud parents right now -- proud of your grown-up kids Sam and Niko, who you helped raise here, and also really proud of HitFilm itself.

Enjoy your continued success. You deserve it.
Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2011, 5:38pm

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It is great to see those guys pushing the boundaries and doing really well. Every time I think I've seen it all, someone from the community goes that one step further.

They've certainly improved over the years. I can remember the day they submitted their first movie here (fool skool). I was in charge of approving the movies and I came so very close to rejecting it, but schwar convinced me to put it up for the comedy value. I think the dog at the end was what finally swung it smile

To be honest I think they would have done great things with or without us. But they've definitely been a big influence on us and our software, especially with HitFilm.
Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2011, 8:47pm

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Very inspiring, great to use HitFilm being put to amazing use already. Very awesome film, with charming characters and style. Loved it. Can't wait to see things from you guys, and everyone over these next years.

If you guys over at Corridor read this, you guys have always been a big source of inspiration for me since I started working on movies. You guys are really going places, and I'm honored to have the Twisted Anthology in my collection, and to have learned on your old GL1. You remain a source of inspiration, looking forward to what the future holds.