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Making Transparent Plug-ins-HELP!!!

Posted: Wed, 18th Sep 2002, 1:33am

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HELP!!!! How do you make transparent plug-ins. By that I mean how do I get it so the plug-in I make has a transparency slider and I can make my plug-in transparent with AlamDV2. Can somebody explain how to do it or can somebody help me and/or bring me step by step. Or make a short tutorial.. THanks and please answer a little quick. Bye and thanks for anything you do.
Posted: Wed, 18th Sep 2002, 1:38am

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This has been discussed MANY times. I'll tell you though, go here (It explains it)...
Posted: Wed, 18th Sep 2002, 4:28am

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Youll have to make a alpha channel.
It explains in the link.
Posted: Wed, 18th Sep 2002, 6:47am

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Ah, the good old alpha channel..

The cause of many a sleepless night. evil