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Reinstalling windows and Visionlab

Posted: Tue, 12th Jul 2011, 7:09am

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I know there are topics on this, but I need to be sure 100%. If I save the vision lab project file on a disc and reformat my hard drive and put all of my videos back in the right folders where my video files were, will my project still be intact or will it screw it up?? Thanks to all! Chad
Posted: Tue, 12th Jul 2011, 2:50pm

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That will work, the project should be fine. In fact, you don't necessarily even have to get all the videos back into the exact same directories, once everything is re-installed you can just relink the offline videos to their new locations, if you store them somewhere else.

If you are really concerned about it, though, I would probably move all of the media assets into a single location, along with the project file, right now, and save it there, then save the whole folder of stuff to a flash drive, so you can open the project straight off the flash drive, with all necessary assets on the drive as well, make sure that's working, then do your reformatting thing.