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HitFilm Coupon Code

Posted: Tue, 19th Jul 2011, 11:17pm

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I know this was sent out to my email not soo long ago I thought I filed it in a folder but it seems I deleted it and was wondering if there was someone willing to assist me out with this. I believe it was a 40% code. Im not even sure the sale is still going. Any help would be great I am a student going to art institue at the moment and cant afford 399.

thanks to whoever can hook a brother up!

Posted: Wed, 20th Jul 2011, 12:00am

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There is a link at the very top of this page, which will take you to your coupon codes. You still have some time, too. The code is good for 60 days from the initial launch, so almost until the end of August.
Posted: Wed, 20th Jul 2011, 12:02am

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Doh Blind I am ... lol thanks alot.
Posted: Thu, 28th Jul 2011, 8:12am

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I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks!