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Displacemt Map Question

Posted: Wed, 27th Jul 2011, 12:33pm

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Hi there i was wondeirng in vision lab i want to make the effect where my acotr turns into a lqiuid metal guy and then turns back like on T2?any ideas i have tryed with the transparency buts its not worked.

Posted: Wed, 27th Jul 2011, 2:49pm

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You mention a displacement map in your title, but then in the post you say you tried using Transparency; are you working with the Displacement Map to achieve this effect, or just the transparency filter?

For basic displacement, you need your actor filmed in front of a greenscreen, then place your greenscreen clip in VisionLab and key out the green. Add a background behind the greenscreen layer, then add a Displacement Map (under Composite in the timeline) to the Actor. Adjust the settings to get the look you are after.

If you want to show him transition from a normal person to the displacement effect, you will need a duplicate layer of the actor on top, without displacement, which you can use Masking to gradually hide or reveal.