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How many event photographers on his forum?

Posted: Tue, 16th Aug 2011, 11:34pm

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Hi all
Following our problems with using our Kodak 6800 printer PhotoKey 4 pro it made me wonder just how many event photographers are on this forum? What printers do you use? And what version of PhotoKey are you using.

Paul (uk)
Posted: Fri, 19th Aug 2011, 12:37pm

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A team of event-photogaphers from Holland here wink in total we are working with 23 photographers. For our printing on location we are using the Kodak 6800 and 3 sony UP-DR200 printers.

We are using PK3Pro and PK4Pro for chromakey
Posted: Fri, 26th Aug 2011, 7:37pm

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Boyd Photography

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Event Photographers: New Jersey, USA

We Use Kodak 6850's & 9810's. Same issues when printing within Photokey 4pro! We have export them all and print with windows or another program. This process really slows us down when we do pay-per-print events.
Posted: Fri, 30th Sep 2011, 3:12am

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I'm an event photographer from Buffalo, NY. Just using the demo version of PhotoKey so I'm not using it for event work, but I plan to be very soon.