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Photokey Pro - Saved Projects - Changing Backgrounds?

Posted: Thu, 15th Sep 2011, 10:49am

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I have some question/issues I need some help on regarding Photokey Pro 3/4

1. It would seem PhotoKey Pro3 is fine in an event environment when only 1 background is used? I have several projects (background/overlays) saved, with a different background and overlay, with the idea being a guest can pick a background.

However, if you leave one project, to open a different background, then everything is reset? The Hot folder, the adjustment sliders, etc?

How can I easily switch between backgrounds without losing everything and having to redo the settings when a guest wants to see their photo on a different background?

2. If you are going thru your list of images imported, and fix some with 1 background, if you change backgrounds, all will change when exported to the last background used?

Posted: Thu, 15th Sep 2011, 3:30pm

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1. You can open multiple instances of PhotoKey simultaneously, so you can have several projects all open at the same time, each with a different background in place, and just switch between windows.

Or, if you have PhotoKey 4 Pro, you can import multiple backgrounds using the Layers panel, place them behind the foreground, and just tick their visibility on and off to show the one you want. This option isn't available in version 3 Pro.

2. Yes, the background is global to the project.