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Future of the FX Home website?

Posted: Fri, 23rd Sep 2011, 1:15pm

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Now that HitFilm is out with its own website are there any plans as to how long this site and the forums will be maintained? I'm wondering if I need to start stock piling downloads of the effects and grading presets that I might one day need... smile
Posted: Fri, 23rd Sep 2011, 1:26pm

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Simon K Jones

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Hey Pete! There's a discussion along these lines here which might be of interest:

There are changes coming, but we intend to maintain legacy stuff. So while the presets library might not remain a primary link like it is at the moment, you'll still be able to get at them.

We set up the forums to be our dedicated video forum from now on, so please do head over there and say hello as soon as you can. It's a much more advanced forum than the ancient setup. Check it out: Created and run by exactly the same people as FXhome, just shinier and with a new name (a bit like when we switched from to