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Posted: Thu, 29th Sep 2011, 10:48pm

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I've been using a different program for the past year and it's not the greatest program. I have the demo version of PhotoKey 4 and love what I see so far.

This year I plan on doing some dance studio portraits and the problem I'm running into is the costumes. Some of the dancers have costumes with green in them. How would I go about removing the green from the background but NOT the green in the costume?
Posted: Fri, 30th Sep 2011, 5:49pm

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Use a blue background. When you are keying, which removes ALL of one certain color form an image, the most fundamental rule is "don't shoot green in front of a greenscreen." If you have to shoot green, then use a bluescreen. Photokey can handle green or blue backgrounds with equal aplomb.

In some cases masks can work well for retaining small bits of green, but if large parts of the costume are green, then using masks will result in just manually removing the background, eliminating all the advantages of using a greenscreen to begin with.