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Pictures turning out blurry

Posted: Fri, 21st Oct 2011, 4:13am

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I tried searching but found no relevant content. Sorry if this is a repeat and I somehow missed it.

I am using a Canon 1D Mark II with a 100mmL Macro lens for the product photography on my website. Since I purchased this program, the Photokey 4, I thought I'd give the green screen a try. It has been wonderful. I get the backgrounds and items in there beautifully. The pix look awesome when I export them. They look great in Photoshop when I crop and save them. They are nice and crisp and amazingly lifelike, all the way up until loading them onto my website. Once they pop up on the website, they look totally blurry and out of focus, both the foreground part and the added background.

I already have almost 1500 product photos up that are perfect, all before using the program, and I can't begin to figure out what is happening. I am at a complete loss.

Any ideas what could change the appearance from crisp and clean to blurry and out of focus when it's the same image (resized and looking great in PS but uploads and looks awful)?
Posted: Fri, 21st Oct 2011, 7:42am

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If they look fine in Photoshop then blurry after you export it won't have anything to do with PhotoKey. Can you link us to some examples of the blurry shots and an image before you compress it for the web in Photoshop. What settings are you using to do this? How are you uploading the images? smile
Posted: Fri, 21st Oct 2011, 2:16pm

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I didn't know what the difference could be since the only change was the use of this program which sends to my computer as a png and I change it in PS to a jpg (though in case that wasn't the issue, I did upload one as a png and the same thing happened).

Here is the worst example:

compared to the before FX (came camera, lens, lighting, etc were used)...

In Photoshop it looks so crisp and focused, both back and foreground, but on the site it now looks all fuzzy and out of focus. Before, I was just making custom sets for each little figure and taking a real picture. I just tried using the green screen to see if it would cut the work time but I can't really have the fuzzies. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong with the program, since I am brand new to using it.