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Simple question - Hopefully

Posted: Sat, 22nd Oct 2011, 3:34pm

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I have PhotoKey 2 Lite and I'm looking to upgrade. I was watching the tutorials and there was one that talked about removing the green screen. In that one it also talks about using the Key options, like Erode, alpha levels and alpha blur. Are these options avaliable in PhotoKey 4 or only in PhotoKey Pro. I'm a teacher and I'm using this in my class but not sure I can afford or updrade to pro.

Thanks for you responses.
Posted: Sat, 22nd Oct 2011, 9:29pm

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All of the new keying tools are included in both the standard and Pro versions. There is a free demo of PhotoKey 4 here, if you want to try them out before deciding whether to buy the upgrade.

If you are looking to install this on multiple computers, keep in mind that the Pro license allows you to install on up to three computers with the same license, whereas the standard version only allows for one. So for a larger number of installations, PhotoKey 4 Pro is likely going to be the cheaper option.