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How about making effectslab work with Mac OS X Lion?

Posted: Tue, 25th Oct 2011, 10:57am

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It sucks... I can't use it anymore.. sad
Posted: Tue, 25th Oct 2011, 1:17pm

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I don't know if you realize this but Effects Lab is no longer sold by fxhome. They have a new, better video product out called HitFilm which sadly also won't work with any version of the Mac computers.

As far as a way to run the software you have on your current machine, I'm not sure what will work. Maybe bootcamp it? I'm sure someone will be around sooner or later to help you out. I use PC primarily so I can't help much. Sorry.

Sit tight, someone will be around with more info, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful day/night!

Posted: Tue, 25th Oct 2011, 1:30pm

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Simon K Jones

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Hi FredeJyll. As Biblmac points out, EffectsLab is a discontinued product, so we won't be releasing any further software updates.

Unfortunately the changes that Apple made to the latest version of OS X mean that the Lab products no longer work. They do of course still work on the operating systems they were designed for.
Posted: Tue, 1st Nov 2011, 7:56am

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What the hell?? You mean there is no hope for those of us who purchased the products from the beginning? Then paid to upgrade to effects lab pro? Now we're left hanging?

Windows sucks, that's why I use a mac. So now if i want to use the newer program (which apparently there is no upgrade pricing on) I have to run Windows?

Man, this sucks. FXHome had a GREAT product. It's sad to see this.

Absolutely horrifying.
Posted: Tue, 1st Nov 2011, 3:57pm

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Indeed, we were very disappointed when Apple removed compatibility as well. I'm a Mac guy myself, so I feel your pain.
Posted: Fri, 18th Nov 2011, 4:23pm

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Not really the answer to your problem, because it involves a bit of hassle, but you can install OSX Snow Leopard (or lower) on an external drive and boot to that drive when doing your compositing.

I am a Mac guy, but I have a windows computer to do certain jobs I can't do on my mac (Edius, a NLE program I have to run for my job as a part time TV cameraman) and I could run HitFilm on that machine (serious video card, i7, 6GB ram) but frankly I am choosing not to buy the product at this point in time because I don't want to be come more dependent on the Windows box than I am.

I can just "suffer along" with Effects Lab and no updates, I guess.

Lion breaks several of the programs I use, so I am just skipping it.
Posted: Fri, 18th Nov 2011, 9:00pm

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When Apple first went to Intel processors, it required some substantial work on the operating system to provide a relatively transparent experience to Mac users. It LOOKED (almost) the same, but it was very different underneath.

Now Apple felt that people would be reluctant to upgrade to a new OS that was incompatible with most of their existing software. It was this very mistake that gave IBM (that grew into the Win-Intel juggernaut) a leg up as the world went to 16 bit computers, and Apple wasn't going to repeat that mistake. As a stopgap, they included Rosetta. This was a method of making old Mac code work on the new OS - usually anyway.

It was from day one meant to be a temporary solution while everyone upgraded to the new system. Providing support for legacy code is never fun, and as the Mac OS developed further and further from the earlier code, it would become more difficult to continue to support. I guess with the Lion release, Apple called enough and removed Rosetta. Even hackers have had a bundle of not fun trying to wedge it back in, so it can't be that easy to do.

FXHome software was written with the older Macs in mind, and continued to run only by virtue of the legacy support. They elected not to invest the resources to update their products to Intel/UB code on the Mac during the transition period. They have indicated that the Mac versions of their products have not sold well lately, and that this was the smart business decision for them.

We can argue chicken and egg all we want ("Maybe if you had UB Mac products, people would buy them...") all we want, but we can't force them to make hit film for Mac. I was going to make some embarrassing videos of Tarn to blackmail him, but Visionlab won't run on my Macs (Curses! Foiled again!).

Yes, there are a few work-arounds out there. No, none of them are palatable. If I were in the middle of a project I needed to finish, I would consider one. I am not going to boot into another OS for any software. I will find something else that works and check back here now and again to see if they have changed their minds. Hit Film looks great...just like Aperture did when I ran Windows. I'll have to make do without it until FXhome changes their mind or I forget how much I disliked Windows.