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Feature requests

Posted: Wed, 2nd Nov 2011, 2:55pm

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I help oversee a production team who uses PhotoKey 4 Pro for school portraits. We incorporated PhotoKey 4 Pro into our hi-speed, hi-volume workflow full time this past September and as a group have accumulated a lot of experience in a short amount of time. I am trying to organize our performance data and user feedback from the last two months so that we can not only address issues we are having with the software but would like to present feedback and feature requests to the developers in the hopes that they can be considered for a future release. What is the best avenue for submitting this? Thanks in advance.
Posted: Wed, 2nd Nov 2011, 4:48pm

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Simon K Jones

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Hi Joe, thanks - we would love to hear your feedback. The best way to do it is to email, as it will then be forwarded to the right person.

Thanks again!
Posted: Mon, 14th Nov 2011, 7:04pm

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Email sent! Thanks for your help.

Here are the requests from some of our various users for others to weigh in on.


-A selection tool, so you could apply settings only to a specific area of the photo. This way you could erode a red shirt without erasing hoop earrings.

-More personalization/default settings…e.g., the ability to make “Retain Alpha” the default mask setting.

-Smaller points for masks? The big white squares make it difficult to see where your point is going to be when masking things or adjusting masks.

-More hot keys…mainly just for spill suppression. I usually keep one hand on CTRL + B / U and it would be so much easier if there were another key in that area that toggled spill suppression.

Other than the obvious brush tool we should have for retaining and removing the alpha layer. Some sort of override for manipulating unique items all at once would be helpful, If not just to allow rotation of all the images. I don't know what the possibilities are of hot keys, but they wouldn't be so bad either.

1. Elliptical mask tool.
2. Customizable toolbar so that I can have all the tools I use most often in one spot and don't have to keep switching tabs.
3. The ability to make selections and apply settings to those selections. for example; the ability to make a selection of everything from the neck down and then turn off spill suppression so that it only effects the shirt and not the face/hair.

1. I'd like to see the ability to selectively apply Spill Suppression either via a brush tool (mask) or selection. Too often it does wonders for the hair and it removes color from the clothing.

2. Editable Matte View. I'd like to be able to paint white & black on the matte view like a mask in Photoshop to allow for quicker masking. Selecting is too slow and tedious at times. Being able to paint back in original image data would be extremely useful when spill suppression decides to attack the clothing color. Also, a magic-wand-type quick select tool would be great here too.

3. Customizable defaults would speed things up.

4. More hot key shortcuts - hopefully with the ability to customize.

5. A side-by-side before and after view

6. A quicker way to select for batch rather than clicking one icon at a time.

Posted: Wed, 21st Dec 2011, 7:20am

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I would like to see several of those ideas especially the brush tool and editing in matte view. We too are a high volume youth league photography/lab setup, the 2 I just mentioned along with many posted up would definitely improve our workflow.

Green spill is our number 1 enemy as of now, most locations we shoot is very very tight and moving the subject far from the screen is not feasible., the subject is usually 3-4 ft from the background.

We test rolled several differnet softwares and PhotoKey won out easily, an easy intuitive way to remove the green spill would be a great new addition.

any news of a new release coming out soon?
Posted: Wed, 21st Dec 2011, 5:22pm

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There is a spill suppression tool already in PhotoKey; could you elaborate more on what you would like to see changed about it?

The tricky thing about Spill Suppression is that by its very nature, it has to change the colors in your image, in order to remove the green. As a result, it can occasionally affect other colors as well. We certainly recognize the importance of having Spill Suppression in place, and making it as powerful as possible, but there is really no replacement for avoiding green spill as much as possible when shooting.