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Blurred Heat---is this even possible? I NEED IT

Posted: Fri, 20th Sep 2002, 2:49am

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You know what heat looks like? i need when a jet engine starts up and you can see the heat waves come out so that the background behind it is real distorted and wavy....could somebody help please biggrin
Posted: Fri, 20th Sep 2002, 2:56am

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sure it is! In after effects. Maaaybe you could use some kind of luma effect in alam to convey the 'heat' you want. Might not be that great ?
Posted: Fri, 20th Sep 2002, 4:23am

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I dont know how but if someone could they should make a plugin blur to.
To make the bullets and spaceships blur when they go fast. lol
Posted: Fri, 20th Sep 2002, 5:48am

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nope not possible in alam but you can do it in photo shop or after effects