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Green Screen Problem

Posted: Wed, 9th Nov 2011, 7:29pm

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Hello, I am having problems keying in composite lab pro. The first problem is, when i import the green screen footage, the video quality decreases. Here is the original video.

This is the video when i import it into CLP. the video is pixelated slightly.

I've tried other formats and codecs, but they all pixelate when i import them. Right now, i use .mov, with h.264 or apple animation for the codec I set the video on a box blur of 2, and that helps, but i would like to know how to keep the quality when i import the footage. Also when i do key, I can't figure out how to get rid of this black around me like this pic

I don't have the best quality camera, but I think it is possible to do better. Does any one know how to do obtain a better key? I used color difference, key graded it a little bit, and used light spill, but I can't get a better key. I would appreciate if some one could help. Here is a sample of the video i used.