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Photokey 4 PRO Photoshop plugin?

Posted: Sun, 13th Nov 2011, 4:02pm

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Heyy.... i just purchased the PK4 Pro.

Am i blind or what, but is there no plugin for Photoshop included? Seen lots of tuts which showcase PK3 plugin.

Basically all I need this software to do, is to extract the greenscreen, so that I can then place objects / peoples into multilayer photoshop design.

It does remove the GS perfectly, but I need those images as layers without background in Photoshop.

Thanks for help... it's just great to get the help here and not googling for hours smile

Posted: Mon, 14th Nov 2011, 8:04am

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The plug-in is completely separate from PhotoKey Pro, and there is no plug-in of PhotoKey 4. Also, the plug-in version doesn't include any of the Pro features, as they are primarily things that Photoshop can already handle, if you are working in that environment.

PhotoKey 4 Pro is designed specifically to be able to combine foreground and background images, along with several other layers, if necessary, and automate the processing as much as possible, so once you are set up, you can potentially shoot the image, and it will automatically import, be processed, and then export, without any interaction being required on your part.

If you want to only work with the foreground in Photoshop, you can export the foreground with no background, to a PNG, and the transparency info will be stored in the image. Then import that into Photoshop and slot in your background.