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Re-Installing Photokey 2 Lite

Posted: Thu, 8th Dec 2011, 1:19am

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I have submitted a ticket to the support center. I have had to get a new hard drive for my laptop and now am trying to re-install all my programs back on. I cannot get my software to work. All it says when I go to log in as existing FXhome account is Sorry, an error has occurred whilst activating your product, please contact That is where I sent a ticket for help. I tried inputting the key option too and it says its already registered which makes sense since its me who registered it. I dont understand if I have the cd to re-install it why is it being so difficult? I didnt have any other problems with any other software I've had to re-install till I got to this one. I need this software asap to do some holiday pics. Please can someone help me??
Thank you so much!!!