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Lightsaber help

Posted: Sat, 21st Sep 2002, 5:31am

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How do you people get your lightsabers to hold really still when your actors aren't moving them? Whenever I do it it always looks really wiggly and moves around alot. Any help would be appriectiated! Thank You biggrin
Posted: Sat, 21st Sep 2002, 11:27am

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owen rixon

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Use a brightly coloured tube to represent your lightsabre when filming. Then just overlay the Alam one. It works as a reference, so your sabre will always be in the right position
Posted: Sat, 21st Sep 2002, 7:25pm

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It easy, you just copy the first frame you use the lightsaber and paste it at the second frame. biggrin
Posted: Sat, 21st Sep 2002, 7:31pm

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Remember, the guest is me,I forgot to log in (serious)wink..... and say thank to me because I need +1 or 2,whatever, by the way see may force.(I am new) redface cool lol biggrin smile wink but I have the talen because I had try Alam DV 1 long time ago. lol
Posted: Sat, 21st Sep 2002, 10:53pm

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Thanks guys +1 point for both of you! biggrin