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Visionlab and VideoWrap Don't Work With Lion

Posted: Fri, 3rd Feb 2012, 7:54am

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I just upgraded my OS to Lion and VisionLab and VideoWrap no longer work. I get a message saying the new OS is not compatible it PowerPC applications. Clean reinstall did not work. What should I do? I use both programs often.
Posted: Fri, 3rd Feb 2012, 4:11pm

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Indeed, Apple's decision to remove Rosetta from Lion means that no PowerPC-based applications, including the Lab products, will run under the new OS. In order to contnue running them on your Mac, you will either need to re-install an older version of the OS, perhaps on a second drive or partition, or use Boot Camp to run the Windows version of the software.

This is also addressed in this sticky from 6 months ago.