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Hey KermZ

Posted: Sat, 28th Sep 2002, 11:35am

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Hey KermZ. I don't mean to sound angry or impatient or greedy or anything but whatever happened to that bullet-trail you said you'd make? just wondering. thanks!
Posted: Sat, 28th Sep 2002, 3:29pm

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Give Kermz some time man. I bet he is having some sleepless nights about it. How to make etc. So just cool down, he will bring it out soon ( i hope, cause my movie has to be finished by next month ).

Anyway lets just thank god that there are people like Kermz. Without his cooperation in the plugin thing, the plugin list would be alot more empty than it is at present.

Cheers devilskater razz
Posted: Sat, 28th Sep 2002, 6:28pm

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yeh i have to agree. srry KermZ. take ur time.
Posted: Sun, 29th Sep 2002, 10:07am

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lotsa sleepless nights with the new bub ... so refresh my memory on what u wanted and i will see what can be done
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 1:45am

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I'm not sure where the original post went but it said something about making the "bullet time" effect using, like, flattened water...? could someone help me out here? lol. I think they said that it was like the flubber effect, except flatter, w/o arms, legs, and a head, and it was flatter. Am I right? ... anyone? ... help me out here! lol
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 1:58am

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A bullet trail has been made. Not sure if its what youre looking for though...
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 4:32am

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I believe the effect your looking for is similiar to the matrix, where it looks as though the bullet itself is piercing the air waves and leaving an ripple effect as you would see if you threw a pebble in a pond of water.

if a ripple effect can be made with maybe one or two ripples in the animation. once that is turned into a plugin. you might be able to place the ripple effect and scale it in your scene and make look as though it is following the bullet. thus achieving the effect you desire. (remember though the ripple would have to be transparent in order to reflect the background image thus making it look more realistic and believable)

just a suggestion.
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 12:05pm

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this might help
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 4:23pm

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or this:
or this:
or this:
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 11:28pm

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Mark P Warman

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Is he good enough to make that? wink wink wink wink biggrin