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Out-takes Cinema

Posted: Sun, 29th Sep 2002, 9:17pm

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owen rixon

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How about a part of the cinema for all the funny out-takes of your films. Example = (this is a great clip by the way)
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 5:57pm

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Mark P Warman

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That would be cool lol
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 7:48pm

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Sounds like a great idea for me!!! I have a couple of out takes from Lara Soft and my newest clip: Strangers
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 12:40am

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Yes. I said there can be these in my contest because you may get some bonus credit if you mess up horribly! biggrin. Btw, who is entering the contest for SURE? Bye.