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Plugin Quality Issues

Sup wit da plugz?

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Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 4:35pm

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What's up with that "Clouds" plugin? They don't even look HALF real. They look like someone drew them. Which is probably how they were made.

There are others, but I'm short on time.

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Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 5:56pm

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Tis cloud woz down, kicking on the up, jazzing before mi's uploaded, Eye be draggin down a double from alam to see.
(The cloud worked fine before i uploaded, i will download one and see. )
( sorry but i did not know what one to tick on your poll )

I'd love you see the new CGI film i'm making ( Lord of the rings ) and in the 1st minute i've used ringwraith side shot as a shadow it looks excellent, i have used all 4 skeleton armies, the animated ring and the black bird flying sideways, and an explosion.

If any are on your hit list, i suggest you wait and see the finished film i know you will be surprised

But the point i'm trying to make is IT'S WHAT YOU DO WITH THEM thats can make or break ( yeah some are a little crappy i admit ) But as soon as the ringwraith side shot went up, i knew people wouldn't think of using it as a shadow, adding a little transparancy.

Anyway thats just my view. lol

edit: Maybe the alamdv crew could stop any they think not worthy, I would not mind, and if anyone had asked for it and it's not good enough for here, then they could download it from me direct and see for themselves.

So i guess a good point by Mecha and worthy of a +1
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 9:21pm

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I have decided not to upload plugins in the past where generally little effort has gone into them. I thought the cloud plugins were fine and im sure quite a few people will actually use them. I do agree the alpha channeling was a little odd (which I outlined in my reviewer desc) but theres room for improvement in many plugins.

I think it comes down to; if you think you can do better we'd love to see it smile
Posted: Mon, 30th Sep 2002, 10:47pm

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Meh, well when I get my own AlamDV website someday I'll just have to filter the plugins myself . .

Not to say that ALL your plugins are bad, b4uask30male.

Except that paintball one. Oooo man that's terrible plugin. lol