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Quidditch Plugins

Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 4:18pm

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You have ready some Quidditch plugins? I have the quaffle (JPEG), two bludgers (JPEG), but i haven't the Golden Snitch (Vif d'Or -Fran├žais- Boccino d'Oro -Italian-)
and the,.. rolleyes how they are called? ,..rings, the end of the field,...

(I do not speak English very well,.. confused sorry,.. sad )

Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 5:07pm

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I was waiting for someone to ask outright for a snitch..

The best i can do is a golden ball with wings ( not the real one ) but one i could make
do you want me to try.
Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 5:16pm

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if he is me....YES! biggrin cool wink razz
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 9:26am

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I'm sure if you add lots of motion blur (as it moves very quick) its gonna look cool! biggrin
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 9:26pm

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"Quidditch", waht is that?
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 11:18pm

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Quiditch is the game played in the movie Harry Potter,
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 11:56pm

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oic (that was me ^ there)
Posted: Thu, 3rd Oct 2002, 2:06am

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i could make the real one in maya should look cool