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About The Cyborg!!!!

Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 7:37pm

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Ok i got the cyborg its coo but when is says u can chop him up[ and blah blah blah. ok um how would i do this? Would i use masks and make him bend over. Im confused. Any help would be HELPFULLLLLLLLL. And onw more thing i saw the movie called shotgun shotgun showdown. How did they have them all lining up and their bloddy body parts on the ground? lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 8:56pm

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PM the maker
Posted: Tue, 1st Oct 2002, 10:09pm

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Bloody parts = masked in FCP w/ an edited background picture. We just kept the people jumping back in the frame and let the rest get taken out.

As for the cyborg, maybe getting a chopping cyborg plugin would be helpful to a few, but unfoutunatly it's ALMOST against my religion. lol

Actualy, for chopping, masking would work, but would be dang hard.

And as for the part with lots of them, well, lots of layers or cyborgs. Unfourtunatly I deleted the .TGA sequences of the cyborgs cheering cause they sucked. Sidewinder's cousin had bad conceptualization.

Wait I still have the sequences. They're way to big for plugins even zipped. And they don't loop. Sorry!

Did you know that in the olden' days they used to use a LOT of real people in the movie? The technique is still unmatched today! lol No offense to you in specific. I'm just making fun of my own plugins.
Posted: Thu, 3rd Oct 2002, 10:38am

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why dont u just modify the plugin to have 2 layers in it MECHA?
Something like the phantasmball blade and ball.