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Plugin suggestions (mainly balls)

Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 1:25pm

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Hi mates. How r ya doin? I have listed some plugin that somebody could make: A golfball
A Basketball
A Baseball
A Soccerball ( Worldcup ball )
A football
the Teletubbies ( biggrin )
all kinds of starwars cockpits
and more ideas to follow. so my friends, GET TO WORK wink

thanx devilskater
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 4:16pm

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I dont generally understand things like this. These are a bit more sensable i spose if you wanna make a baseball look like its going miles (which can be done anyway) but requesting things that are so easy to get a hold of and film yourself, which also looks a hella lot better!

Whats the water one all about? Isn't that a bit vague?

I like the scorpions and spiders thing though, people should make some bug plugins! smile

Sorry if that appeared like a rant!
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 4:33pm

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I have to agree, that list isnt particually inspired. I think we should keeps these lists of just *things* to a minimum. I could quite easily cut and paste a huge list of things that could possibly be made into plugins. Id like to see a little more discussion about why you think these plugins would be useful and how they could be created.

I think people should also start to do more to help make the plugin. Find some images or 3d meshes which could be used as the basis. I know theres some really great plugin makers out there at the moment that seem to be able to make anything you throw at them, but it would be better if people tried making plugins themselves too. Put a little effort in to start with and im sure loads of people will offer a hand if you get stuck.

This rant isnt really aimmed at devilskater, ive seen a few posts like this one, its just the one too many for me smile
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 8:01pm

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owen rixon

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Alon the same lines as the 1st post. Id like a pingpong ball plugin as i was hoping on making a film where the characters are playing table tennis and using there mind powers to move the ball around tard . I cant do it with a normal pingpong ball, and a wires setup is far 2 complicated. Thanx
Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 11:51pm

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well a ping pong ball plug-in would not be that bad of an could make it look like you (and someone else) were really good at ping pong. (like the ball moving back and forth really fast!!!) like in "forset gump"