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Storm Plugin...

Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 9:08pm

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Could somebody make a Light Effect plugin designed specifically to make it look like a storm is rolling in overhead, and darken the screen, frame by frame? That would be great. Thanks.
Posted: Tue, 8th Oct 2002, 1:47pm

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that would be pretty cool, or even a plugin of the black clouds like comming to you(if that made any sence).
Posted: Thu, 10th Oct 2002, 11:53am

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Yeah, and realistic thunder and violent rain!
Those 2 plug-ins are crucial... (work with Premiere for dark sky)
Posted: Thu, 10th Oct 2002, 11:24pm

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Digital Anarchy Psunami for After Effects has a preset to generate storm waters, the rendering is slow but the quality is excelent.