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Green Screen

Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 11:06pm

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Posted: Wed, 2nd Oct 2002, 11:16pm

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Didn;t you already ask this? It doesn't make sense. How would you put the plug-in behind the person? You can't. The mask won't go in the exact places you need it around your person. Unless you make the item that is in front of the greenscreen a plug-in also, it won't work. And I don't think you can do that if you are asking for someone to make a SIMPLE greenscreen. There would be no point of it. Just do what I do... GET a program called BLUE SCREEN OF LIFE.. Go to, go to the resources section, and click on the link to Blue Screen of Life and get it. You color the backgrouynd as you go so you do not need to get a plug-in or an actual screen. Or get Jasc's[1] prorgam called Animation shop and do the easy green screening there... That is much easier.

[1] = Jasc is a software company. Go to to get to the main site. IT has some useful stuff. Hope this helps and please do not ask for another green screen plug-in. BYe.
Posted: Thu, 3rd Oct 2002, 12:32am

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I wanna delete this thread.

Even if you did mask a person and have a green square behind them IT WOULD BE STUPID because you might as well just put the background behind them after the mask.

No one will make a green screen plugin because there is no such thing and there are ALREADy chroma plugins.

Since you're having trouble operating the plugin section, here is the link.

Now shhh!

And buy alamdv cause they need space to host these things. And so you can use the plugin.

And don't be so abnoxious.
Posted: Thu, 3rd Oct 2002, 4:29am

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The chroma key plugins are quite good the only problem is they fade out at the edges and sometimes it leaves a little green(After you have edited it) cry wink