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B4uasks Raptor Walking on the sot plugin...

Posted: Fri, 4th Oct 2002, 8:35pm

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owen rixon

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A small comment to B4uask. I saw the priview of your Raptor walking on the spot plugin, but havnt downloaded it(yet). I noticed it had a bent tail. Just to be factually correct, the raptors and brontosaurs and similar dinosaurs couldnt actually bend their tails...the were held straight out behind them. Dont mean 2 fuss, but Alam does strive to make its plugins as realistic as possible.
Posted: Fri, 4th Oct 2002, 11:38pm

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I DON'T want to be mean, but shut-up. tard (Don't mean to offend smile )
Posted: Sat, 5th Oct 2002, 7:16am

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heh funny coolkabe.
Posted: Sat, 5th Oct 2002, 7:27am

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when i asked the raptor to pose for me, he was unhelpful, i was lucky to get him walking on that tredmill, after the shoot, he stormed off saying something about Rex.

I have a word with james horner, and i will not make that mistake again. redface