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Re:Tornado plugin

Posted: Wed, 9th Oct 2002, 4:43pm

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The Alam tornado plugin is great. It looks really cool but I now need one that is only fully developed. I don't need it to develop over time. I have a shoot of a house and I want to place a tornado in the background approaching the house. Maybe it could be the same animation of the current plugin but only when the torando has fully grown. If any anyboby out there could help , thanks. razz
Posted: Wed, 9th Oct 2002, 7:24pm

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You could Private message the maker of the tornado plugin

i think it was Billy3d

and ask him to make it bigger.?
Posted: Sun, 13th Oct 2002, 11:41am

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i was rendering the file today but my comp hanged up in between
i am gonna start the render from where it stoped
it'll be up soon
Posted: Sun, 20th Oct 2002, 4:46pm

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sorry i didn't reply sooner but thanks a lot! i look forward to to seeing the new plugin. razz