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War ship

Posted: Thu, 10th Oct 2002, 5:17am

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Mark P Warman

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Hey B4uask30male or Kermz:

Could one of you talented individuals make me an animated WW2 fight plane that flys then makes a sudden twirl.....

Then one that (pulls up) makes a circle.....

and anything else that may rock smile

btw: Kermz, all your other planes ROCK!
Posted: Thu, 10th Oct 2002, 6:32am

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what would be nice is a picture of the plane you want.

is it english, usa, or german or japan

like a spitfire or lancaster ?
if you could find a picture and post the link here.
Posted: Thu, 10th Oct 2002, 6:41am

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That's strange. The Subject Title reads "War Ship" but the request is for a plane biggrin
Posted: Mon, 23rd Feb 2004, 6:40pm

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Well, this post has been dead for years so I can bring it to life again. I'm going to get AlamDV soon and I need a plug-in of a Messerschmidt or a Ju-52 from this angle;

Here are some pictures of the planes;


Messerschmidt BF109E-4

If you want more pictures, just search in Google. The plug-ins don't have to be detailed.
Posted: Tue, 24th Feb 2004, 11:59pm

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Once you get AlamDV, you could make a plugin using those images in no time. All you'd have to do is a bit of photo manipulation, and then the images would be ready for the plugger.
Posted: Wed, 25th Feb 2004, 3:55pm

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Yeah, but I want an angle like you are watching it from the ground. The bottom of the plane.