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I don't have a credit card/don't want to pay online...

Posted: Mon, 2nd Apr 2001, 6:05pm

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Joshua Davies

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If you don't have a credit card or don't want to pay online then you may send a cheque to us. You will need to send us your selected username and also your email address so we can send you the information back.

Please check the shop page for details of our POBOX address.

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Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 11:27pm

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I moved this to the FAQ and Support section because there seems to be alot of inquiries reguarding this.

NOTE: Double check with schwar. I am not certain that the address is still current.

Thank you, drive to the next window please biggrin
Posted: Sun, 13th Jul 2003, 8:09pm

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Thanks for posting that Schwar. It makes it alot easier for me now to buy online!
Posted: Mon, 14th Jul 2003, 8:19am

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schwar wrote:

3. Cheque made payable to "csb-digital" for £45 or $65.
Surely you need to edit this - do these prices still apply? hugegrin
Posted: Fri, 3rd Jun 2005, 5:35am

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Legend Killer

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do accept international money orders?