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Mask/Matte/Feather problem

Posted: Tue, 28th Feb 2012, 3:04pm

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I'm working on yet another giant monster project (along with the Godzilla fan film still) and I think I've hit a roadblock.

Up until now I've never had a problem with masking/feathering. The feather I've come to learn basically makes the masking/matteing effect fuzzy to look more natural (imo at least)

Long story short, these guys really didn't film things right with walls/ceilings in the shots happening in the middle of the action. I though I was able to garbage matte alot of these scenes to fix that problem. All was going well and I put a TON of work/hours/weekends into fixing it.

Now when I exported it last night, all my mattes/masks are looking more "pixelated" and wider than I set them to be with the position/feather I added.

Keep in mind this is a 1080p Animation video I'm working with and I view it through Quicktime which tends to handle these files weird/jerky in playback so i'm just hoping its quicktime playing tricks on me. Though when I'm looking at it through the Visionlab playback it has the smooth/fuzzy mask/feather effect that I want.

Did I miss something here or am I gonna have to go back and tighten the masks/mattes upyet again??? sad (i'm waiting to see how a test video looks on youtube in a bit so i'm crossing my fingers.)
Posted: Tue, 28th Feb 2012, 8:42pm

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Here's the video and I think most of you will notice the masking/matting problem here. Keep in mind, "I DID" have the feather turned on between 15-25 (depending on the shot) to give the edges a smoother look to them. But for some reason the smoothing effect is showing in the visionlab timeline but not in the video after its exported.

I will admit that some of these I forgot to use Garbage Matte and used Mask instead, but would that really matter/make a difference here??

Plus I used some extra building composite shots as a means of adding more buildings to the shot, but the laser have a weird "edge bleeding" effect and don't understand that either??

If someone could help/advise me here, it would mean so much as I literally spent 5 weeks working on these garbage mattes and these composites/effects and don't want to have to start over if there is indeed something i'm missing/overlooking . . . . .
Posted: Wed, 29th Feb 2012, 4:54pm

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Do you have alpha channels enabled in the Render Options? If so, please disable that option and try rendering again.