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Green Screen Issues

Posted: Wed, 29th Feb 2012, 3:20am

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I just purchased PhotoKey 4 Pro.
I'm new to green screening and can't figure out a couple things.
When I take pix outside, I seem to do ok.. but as I tried to take pix inside with a studio light set, I am having an issue with the green screen turning the hair green. Does anyone know what I can do about this?
Thanks for any help, I am in love with this software so far smile
I would like to upload the pix, but new to the forum and haven't figured that out yet!
Posted: Wed, 29th Feb 2012, 4:59pm

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Hello, and welcome! These forums are a bit antiquated, the only way to upload a pic is to host it on some other site (like ) and provide a link here, sorry.

A few suggestions that might help:

Keep at least 6 feet between your subject and the greenscreen, more if possible. The green you are seeing is light reflecting off of the greenscreen onto the subject, so the farther apart they are, the less intense that green light will be.

Make sure you light the greenscreen and the subject separately, rather than using the same lights for both. This relies on having sufficient distance between them, as mentioned above.

Using a backlight on the subject can help overpower the green light reflecting onto them from the screen. Some people add a magenta gel to this light to further counteract the green, if necessary.