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SD card VS Compact Flash card

Posted: Wed, 29th Feb 2012, 4:59pm

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I'm comsidering using Photo Key as part of an event-based photo booth. I want to slave a TV screen to my lap top that would have the software on it. Alowing the image to appear on the TV screen for all to see. I understand that I can automate the system (using a hot folder) to apply the foreground over the background but will need to have an operator slect the file to show on the screen and that's fine

When I hook one of my cameras (Sony Cybershot) up to the lap top its memory (stored on an SD card) appears as just another drive and I can use it as a hot folder - BUT - when the computer is hooked to the camera it will not take photos.

When I hook my other camera (Canon Digital Rebel SLR) to the lap top its memory (stored on a compact flash card) shows as a "Portable device" and it will not show in the Hot Folder choices....BUT...this camera can take new photos while hooked to the lap top.

Is the kind of card the issue and will using an SD adapter to make use of an SD card in my Canon the answer or is it my camera/Photo key combination?
Posted: Wed, 29th Feb 2012, 5:03pm

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It sounds like you still need to set up some tethering software to control your camera. Tethering software, which is completely separate from PhotoKey, allows you to shoot files with your camera that are saved directly to your computer. Most likely your camera came with a utility that can handle this task, its just a matter of connecting the camera to the computer with the right cable, and setting up the tethering software. No memory card is required in this process.