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Can this be ... i ... have ... a complaint

Posted: Fri, 18th Oct 2002, 7:17am

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I am very upset about this, i have a problem with ALAM, sad sad sad . The front page now takes a long time to inform me of what i want to know. I come to this page an awful lot, i know what this place is. I want to know the plugin in count so i know when there are new ones to look at, or even saying "Hello Movie_manic, there are new plugins since you last visit" not the current "welcome to the largest Blah blah blah." I am sure that it might help with people who are new to the site, but i have been here for almost a year now and know all about the website and ALAM. It could be made an option to have either, new version or new plugins at the homepage.
Posted: Fri, 18th Oct 2002, 8:35am

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Why don't you just link to the Community Page? Then you can skip the opening splash screen. And you can go to your profile settings and select all the funboxes that'll display the information you desire.