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the sound of the lightsabers

Posted: Sun, 20th Oct 2002, 6:58pm

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when i edit my lightsaber sounds how do i cover over the sounds of the sticks hidden togeather? do i just add the clash sound in and that covers it?
Posted: Sun, 20th Oct 2002, 8:33pm

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What editing software do you use ?

Most software has a time line, in that time line you should have a line ( or two for stereo )
once you get to the point where the sticks make the sound, you should be able to click on the sound line and drag it down ( from centre ) this will lower the sound, the lower it goes the less you will hear.
you will need to do the same for the end of the stick hitting eg: less than 1 secound so you will have something that looks like this

-------------__------------------- sound line

make sure it's raised after the hit, then repeat every time the hit sound is there.

I hope this helps
Posted: Mon, 21st Oct 2002, 2:47am

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Posted: Mon, 21st Oct 2002, 3:00am

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If you have premiere, you can pull it off by using the rubber band feature. Click the rubber band where the sound starts and drag it down, and it will silence the sound.

Another way to do it is use the razor tool to manually remove the section of the audio timeline where the sticks hit together.