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Ok im making a starwars movie!!!

Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 6:38pm

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what lightsaber do u guys prefer? right now im using the true lightsaber.

and do u got any tips?
Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 7:06pm

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um hmmm how about ya don't make a star wars movie(don't take it personal) cause u (unless it really really good) won't get very good ratings on it but if u want to i suggest u use a lightsaber rounded at the tip NOT FLAT cause that dosen't come out as good in all of my movies i've made to myself .
Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 8:13pm

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I like "realistic saber"
Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 6:49am

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Anita, you go ahead and make whatever kind of movie you feel inspiried to make. I think people are WAY too concerned over how their movie will be "rated" here. That's a poor way to decide how to make a film. Sure, you want people to like what you do, but to discredit a whole genre of movies based on the preferences of a few vocal minorities here on this board seems silly. I say you do what ever inspires you to be creative.

Now, back to your question...

I actually like the Alam1 sabers the best as well as the flickering lightsaber plugin- I guess I'm old school.
Posted: Fri, 1st Nov 2002, 3:37am

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I'm makin' a Star Wars flick, because no one in my school knows that AlamDV exists. It'll be great to hear them all gasp when I make a forest explode as a spaceship zooms through it....

...I love AlamDV. smile